Oskar Emmenegger & Sons Ltd., CH-7205 Zizers Oskar Emmenegger & Sons Ltd.



Restorers Oskar Emmenegger & Söhne AG were founded as a family enterprise in 1959. The firm has been based in CH-7205 Zizers since 1982 and enjoys an international reach. It specialises in the conservation and restoration of art and historical monuments in accordance with principles recognised and approved by heritage agencies.

IT Services was established as a separate division in 1984. We had begun as an internal department providing software development and network concepts for the company. However, we soon attracted interest from external businesses seeking similar services. IT Services gained its autonomy as a division in 1984.

Quickmail.ch was established as a department in 1996. We had started out by providing internet services for ourselves, our partners and our colleagues. Many of our IT Services clients then asked whether we could provide them with internet services as well. This resulted in the establishment of the Quickmail.ch division in 1996.

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